A psychological operation on a grand scale

Well, its February 2021 and nearly a year since the UK went into ‘lockdown’ because of the ‘COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic’.

Nearly a year of incessant daily reminders about ‘washing your hands’, and nearly a year since we were all introduced to the concepts of ‘social distancing’, “shielding” and “self-isolation”. All in the name of ‘stopping the spread of the virus’.

Since June and July last year, we were also told to wear ‘face coverings’ while using public transport or visiting shops. All in the name of ‘stopping the spread of the virus’.

The original ‘lockdown’ that started in March was “only for three weeks, just to flatten the curve”. In truth, it never really ended, after about six weeks, some restrictions were ‘lifted’ but many ‘measures’ to ‘slow the spread’ were kept in place.

At the start of all this, I warned about the ‘psychological implications’ the longer the lockdown and restrictions went on for.

Now nearly a year later, this is all still going on and in truth there really is no end in sight, no matter what the government ‘teases’ us with.

But yet the majority of people still haven’t ‘cottoned on’ that there is something seriously wrong going on. The longer this gets prolonged for, the more freedoms and liberties are being taken away, yet so many people won’t question anything.

Because they are being spoon-fed an incessant stream of propaganda, wherever they turn. The TV news channels repeat the same mantras and constantly have to bring COVID into every story even if unrelated.

Social media networks are also full of the same propaganda and ‘behavioural change messages’ being shared by people amongst their friends.

Every website you visit, has to have some kind of ‘coronavirus update’ or ‘COVID-19 response’ banner or dedicated page. Its everywhere you look.

Still from John Carpenter’s 1988 move “They Live”

“Three weeks to flatten the curve” has continued mostly for the following 12 months. But instead of questioning why the virus ‘hasn’t gone away’, most people have just become accepting of what it is the media and government are telling them.

“Cases” go up during the winter, and go down during the summer. Funny that!

“The NHS is being stretched to capacity!” – funny that, this is the same news story EVERY YEAR during the winter, when the NHS always finds itself under more pressure. Also, what doesn’t help is that due to the aforementioned ‘social distancing measures’, the number of available hospital beds has been vastly reduced, which means that hospital capacity is much lower compared to previous years.

Oh and ‘cases’, these are either being determined by someone declaring that they have any one of the ‘vague’ symptoms of COVID-19 – symptoms that could be attributed to any number of existing illnesses or conditions – or having been tested ‘positive’ from a PCR test that cannot determine the presence of any specific virus in the first place, and is so inaccurate that the vast majority of results end up with ‘false positives’.

But that does not matter, apparently now one can catch the ‘coronavirus’ and not be affected by it (ie you develop no symptoms and remain perfectly healthy and not at risk), but you still count as a ‘case’ because the ‘PCR test says so’.

A fraudulent test used on thousands of otherwise healthy and unaffected people can determine these people as ‘sick’ if the result comes back ‘positive’. And now we have a new concept, that of ‘asymptomatic transmission’, ie spreading the ‘virus’ without even knowing you have it.

Is there a real virus? I don’t know, sometimes I swing between the ideas of:

  1. There is NO VIRUS, this is all FAKE and a HOAX
  2. There IS a virus, but it is NOT as ‘lethal and deadly’ as it is being made out to be, and the lockdowns and restrictions are just a massive over-reaction

People have died, and I am sorry for anyone who has lost loved ones as a result of this. But for every person who has supposedly lost someone ‘to COVID’, I ask you “is that really what they died from?”

Because it seems really easy to ‘fudge’ the total number of ‘Covid deaths’ by counting anyone who has tested ‘positive’ despite dying from some other ‘underlying condition’ or cause.

If you take a test and come back ‘positive’ (despite having no symptoms) and then fall off a ladder and break your neck and then die, you are a ‘Covid death’.

Likewise, if you’re rushed to hospital with chronic liver failure, you can end up dying from that, but while you’re there, the hospital staff will take a swab, and if you come back ‘positive’, well, then you’re a ‘Covid death’ too.

And then of course, there’s the ‘vaccines’. So much impetus for people to take ‘the jab’. Because ‘the jab’ is “the answer” to everything, right?

Once we’ve all had ‘the jab’, then things can go ‘back to normal’?

Erm, no, it doesn’t seem that way! It transpires now that even if you’ve had “the jab”, you still need to maintain social distancing, wear a mask and follow all the other “rules and guidelines”.

Ordinary people with free-thinking minds must surely at this point be thinking “well whats the point then?” And you’d be right.

Because what we’re experiencing – and have been experiencing for the last year – is a massive psychological operation (“psy-op”) on a grand scale. And by grand scale, I mean that this same scenario is being played out across the whole world.

“But its a pandemic!” Only because someone “said it was”. That of course being Tedros Adhanom, the current head of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is the ‘advice and guidance’ of the WHO that has been fed down to all the governments around the world. Sure, not every government has handled this in exactly the same way, there have been differences, but only really subtle ones, the whole principle has been the same.

Lockdowns. Social distancing. Washing hands and using sanitisers. Wearing face coverings. Restricting peoples’ movements. Closing down ‘non-essential’ businesses. Forcing people to stay in their homes and not see friends or families.

And this is all in turn driven by the media. ALL the media across the world repeat the same narrative without question. News channels are a never ending repetition of ‘case numbers’, ‘deaths’ and ‘new measures to control the spread’.

“But everyone agrees, the science is settled!” The problem is that you never really see or hear any valid counter-point or anyone who disputes or questions this narrative in the mainstream news. Why is that? Oh its simple, if you disagree with what the World Health Organisation (WHO) says, then you must be discredited and de-platformed for the crime of ‘spreading misinformation’. The only scientists given any air-time are interestingly those who have received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which coincidentally also provides funding to the BBC, Guardian and many other mainstream news outlets. Funny that!

Daily news conferences and press briefings, with the ‘latest announcements’ being made which have pretty much already been confirmed via ‘leaks’ to the media.

Government advertising is everywhere, or as I call it “propaganda”, all designed to psychologically manipulate people into accepting this ‘new normal’, while at the same time government ministers at these press briefings keep promising us that “things will be back to normal soon”.

Big corporate brands with their “we’ve missed you” messages.

“Stay safe!”

“Protect the NHS!”

“Hands, face, space”

Bite-size ‘mantras’ that get repeated over and over again into slogans that people just use normally every day.

This whole pandemic has never really been about “controlling the virus”, more like “controlling the people”.

If at the start of 2020, the UK government (or any other government for that matter) had turned around and said we all needed to give up our civil liberties and freedoms, and submit to a cashless society and have all our movements and transactions tracked and traced via digital identity passports, and close down all small independent businesses to give corporate giants a virtual monopoly, people would have been horrified and refused to go along with this.

Instead, this ‘new world order’ is being sneaked in by using the ‘boiling frog’ effect, implementing the ‘agenda’ or ‘the plan’ by slowly turning up the heat, and psychologically manipulating the population into submitting to this in a ‘lock-step’ fashion, using ‘behavioural change messages’.

It is clear to me that this ‘pandemic’ only exists on the TV and on the internet. And while people glue themselves to this daily soap opera or ‘reality TV show’, the pandemic will continue forever.

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1 year ago

that’s a good article

“every thing the state say is a lie and everything it has ,it has stolen “

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