Biden or Trump? It makes little difference either way

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Americans are heading to the polls today (3rd November 2020) to decide who will be their next president.

It’s pretty much a straight choice between the Republicans’ Donald Trump and the Democrats’ Joe Biden. There probably are other candidates, but you’ll never hear about them in the media.

I’m neither American, nor do I live in the USA, so ultimately it makes no difference to me who wins, they are “not my president” in the real sense of the phrase.

So looking at this from a neutral perspective, I know it makes no real difference who ultimately triumphs, either way the US people lose yet again.

The USA has been a very divided country for sometime, and the last few years, during Trump’s first term in office, have just seen these divisions widen further. I don’t think this is neccessarily Trump’s fault, but certain factions have seized the opportunity to really ‘polarise’ the American electorate with some really divisive language and tactics.

I know that the President Of The USA isn’t really in charge, and doesn’t really call the shots, they are beholden to their own ‘advisors’ and influenced by the ‘Deep State’. The President is just a frontman, a puppet.

It’s almost a mirror of where we find ourselves in the UK with our Labour and Conservative parties presenting some kind of ‘choice’ when it comes to elections. Its the same in the USA, with the Republican and Democrat parties both being controlled and manipulated by the same dark shadowy figures to present ‘choices’ to the voting public.

Even the party names suggest the ‘same thing’ presented in a different way.

“Republican” comes from the Latin ‘rei publica’, meaning “rule by the people”.

“Democrat” comes from the Greek ‘demokratia’, “meaning rule by the people”

The ‘American Dream’ is that anyone gets to be President. But only if you’re ultra-rich and come from the right bloodline family. The ordinary USA citizen has no hope at all of becoming President really.

Whether Trump wins, or Biden wins, things are just going to get even uglier.

Who can forget the scenes after Trump’s win in 2016, with people screaming “NOOO!” at the sky?

The rioting and looting is just going to get worse in my opinion, as this time round, neither ‘side’ is going to be prepared to accept the result. Anyone who thinks that the Antifa and far-left rioting and ‘protesting’ will come to a halt even if Biden wins is sadly mistaken, as they will just be emboldened to go further, encouraged by a new administration that will simply kowtow to their demands.

And equally the ‘pro-Trump’ agitators will be whipping up their followers to demonstrate and protest against any new Democrat administration.

Put it this way, I think there will be a lot more than fireworks in the USA come 5th November.

Remarkably, polls in the USA suggest that Biden has a small lead over Trump. Ah, the old opinion polls trick! Many voters may not know that the outcome of this election is likely ‘pre-determined’, and the whole voting thing is just a charade.

Whichever way the result goes, I will not see it as a ‘shock’.

And I won’t be screaming at the sky.

There is always a third-choice, you were just never meant to see or choose that as an option.

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