As you may remember, I was a supporter of and member of UKIP for a couple of years, but I let my membership lapse in April 2020, as I’d had enough of the wrangling and failures within that party.

One of the few people I had a great deal of respect for within UKIP was David Kurten, so I was initially disappointed when he left the party, as I felt he would have been the best person to lead it.

From an email I received from him today:

Over the last few months I have been working on starting a new party which will stand for restoring and maintaining our civil liberties, free speech, traditional family values, national sovereignty and financial responsibility in government. At the current moment, the party has applied for registration with the Electoral Commission and we are awaiting approval so that we can stand in elections next May.
You can read our manifesto and sign up for our newsletter at


I have just read through the manifesto, and this is something I can get behind, hopefully others will too.

David Kurten’s speech at Trafalgar Square 19th September:

All the ‘establishment’ political parties are very much ‘on board’ with the coronavirus/COVID-19 scam, you never hear any objections from Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru.

UKIP is in disarray, but even so has only really paid lip-service to the COVID scamdemic.

So basically, while I think that ultimately it may make little difference, voters in the UK need to start sticking two fingers up to the ‘big parties’ and stop voting for them. But don’t just ‘not vote’, vote for some smaller party instead, one that does have your interests at heart.

That is of course if we are allowed to have any elections next year…

One thought on “The Heritage Party – a new UK political party to get behind

  1. I like the way David conducts himself. I am totally disillusioned with our main parties and Mps they are weak and not fit to represent anyone. Currently there is no true opposition to Bojangles and his cronies. This scamdemic has gone on to long. Lie piled on top of more lies and a main stream media that’s obviously controlled to pedal the government narrative. Only a foolish person would not be able to see through this and it seems we are surrounded by fools.
    Good luck David I will be keeping a close eye on this party and hopefully a rise in its status and its political clout will ensue.

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