Angry Truck Driver vs Calais ‘migrants’

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Sometimes it is interesting to view a video that presents a different aspect to the narrative that we are constantly force fed by our media.

We all know about what the media tell us about the thousands of ‘migrants’ gathered at Calais in France, and we have no doubt seen the likes of Lily Allen shedding their crocodile tears while urging us all to ‘do something’ to help all these ‘desperate refugees and asylum seekers’.

While our heart-strings inevitably get tugged at, once in a while some video footage will emerge that tells a whole different story. The below video is possibly a couple of years old, and was recorded by a Hungarian truck driver using his dashcam while driving towards Calais in France.

Someone has kindly subtitled this into English, for the benefit of those of us who don’t understand Hungarian. But it is clear to see that the ‘migrants’ at Calais are a huge problem, and the frustration with the whole situation is not just limited to British truck drivers.

There are of course all sorts of big questions to be asked here, and we probably know the answers to them already.

“Genuine” refugees and asylum-seekers would/should have claimed asylum in the first ‘safe’ country they found themselves in.

There are plenty of ‘safe’ countries that these people have travelled through.

Could it be that these people are not actually “refugees” but merely “economic migrants” trying to get to the UK which has some of the most generous welfare benefits available in Europe?

All European countries like France want to do is to push these people on and make them “somebody else’s problem”. The saving grace is that the UK does not share any land border with the rest of mainland Europe, nor has it signed up to the Schengen Agreement allowing free, unhindered movement between EU nations.

We want OUT, and we want OUT NOW, and if France doesn’t want these illegal immigrants in their country, we don’t want them either.

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