Declaring war on Amazon

I came across the following articles concerning Amazon, and I must admit, I got “triggered” (again!) Daily Mail: Amazon has nearly HALVED its tax bill to just £4.5m despite seeing sales in Britain soar to £2bn a year – as it stands accused of crippling our high streets: Daily Mail: Fake store fronts now […]

“Project Fear” – Scaring us with LIES

Breitbart: “Project Fear Latest: Brexit to Ground Planes, End Sandwich Trade, Cause ‘Super-Gonorrhoea’ Epidemic” The steady diet of Brexit scare stories is continuing, with officials claiming the country could be overtaken by super-gonorrhoea and other infectious diseases. The claims follow revelations from a Tory MP close to Theresa May that the Government plans to “scare […]

My vision of a post-Brexit Britain

My biggest criticism of Theresa May during the so-called Brexit ‘negotiations’ with the EU, is that with her being a ‘Remainer’, the woman has no vision or desire, or even imagination, to envisage what a future Britain could/should look like beyond our withdrawal from the EU. Our Remain-leaning politicians, of which there are a great […]

Feeling hot, hot hot…

It’s 2018 and here in Great Britain we are finally having a summer worth moaning over. We’ve finally reached a point where we are seemingly entitled to complain about “how hot it is”. The funny thing is that so many people have forgotten what a ‘real’ Summer is like in the Northern Hemisphere, that when […]