• The Heritage Party – a new UK political party to get behind
    As you may remember, I was a supporter of and member of UKIP for a couple of years, but I let my membership lapse in April 2020, as I’d had enough of the wrangling and failures within that party. One of the few people I had a great deal of respect for within UKIP was […]
  • “The RT-PCR Test is Totally Unreliable, It Does not Detect the Virus” – anonymous nurse
    The following is reproduced from this article: An Anonymous Nurse SPEAKS OUT! Just a shame they can’t put their name to it out of fear of losing their job. This is from a nurse. READ IT I work in the healthcare field. Here’s the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. […]
  • Global cataclysm coming soon?
    For some time now, I’ve become fascinated with learning about “what they don’t teach in schools”. I really do believe that a lot of what we are taught as ‘history’ has been twisted and altered, and particularly so many events have been recorded as ‘facts’ despite no practical explanation as to ‘what happened and why’ […]
  • What has happened to everybody?
    This whole Coronavirus / Covid-19 thing is a massive psy-op, and it seems to have worked on a great deal of people. I’ve warned people about this before, and now I’ve come to the conclusion that I was right – people have been psychologically ‘damaged’ by this whole situation, more so those who live their […]
  • Flashback: “We do not recommend face masks for general wearing” (April 2020)
    For some reason, this video is ‘trending’ at No2 in the Most Watched section of the BBC News homepage. Nothing to do with me, but obviously it is being widely shared ‘somewhere’. Meanwhile the ‘top story’ on the BBC News home is this: Coronavirus: I trust people’s sense on face masks – Gove Senior minister […]